How To Choose The Best Kettlebell

How To Choose The Best Kettlebell

Forget dumbbells and let us introduce you to this underrated workout tool that you will easily find in the gym. Kettlebells are canon-shaped workout tools that you must add to your regular routine. If you have noticed these unconventional workout tools at the gym but have been too scared to try them out, you have come to the right place.

What Is A Kettlebell?

Still wondering what a kettlebell is and what it does? This workout tool features a hard cast iron ball attached to a handle. Kettlebell differ from dumbbells since the weight of a kettlebell is not evenly distributed. This creates the need to stabilize and counter balance during your workout, enhancing core strength.

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How To Choose The Perfect Kettlebell

To get the most out of your workout routine, it is essential you invest in the right kettlebell. Here are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when you go shopping:

Types Of Kettlebell

Like all kinds of workout tools, kettlebells are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from the following kettlebell types:

Cast Iron Kettlebell

Cast iron kettlebells are considered entry-level products in the field. These workout tools offer the best value that money can buy. Cast iron kettlebells can often be purchased in packages with a range of weights. These kettlebells typically feature a single piece of metal constructed from a single mold.

Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

As the name indicates, this type of kettlebell features a vinyl covering. The vinyl coat not only protects the metal core but enhances the appearance of the workout tool. Color coatings are often used to differentiate weights in the gym not to mention, they protect the floor from damage.

Five Different Colorful Kettlebells

Rubber Coated Chrome Handle Kettlebell

These kettlebells are among the most stylish kinds and are popular because of the way they look. The kettlebell features a chrome finish that ensures the handle is perfectly smooth. This results in a better grip that eventually leads to a more efficient workout session.

Urethane Kettlebell

If you are a hardcore kettlebell enthusiast, this is probably the best option for you. A urethane kettlebell features a strong layer surrounding the core. This type of kettlebell is shock absorbent and strong, perfect for an intense workout session.

Competition Kettlebell

These kettlebells feature a standard shape and size regardless of the weight of the workout tool. However, competition kettlebells are not suitable for beginners. They are ideal for people who have developed their own technique. This type of kettlebell has a wide base and is best suited for performing floor-based exercises.

Competition Kettlebells are constructed using steel are often dedicated for ‘pro use.’ However, you may use standard cast iron kettlebells as a cheaper alternative. Both types offer a large selection of weights.


Similar to dumbbells, you need to ensure you select the right kettlebell weight. These workout tools are measured in kilograms instead of pounds. The most common kettlebell weights start from 4kg and reach up to 24 kg, whereas beginners prefer using weights between 8 kg to 16 kg.

Different Kettlebell Weights

Female beginners should start with an 8 kg bell since a 4 kg kettlebell will be too light and will not provide a solid weight lifting effect for most women. However, experienced women can start with a 12 kg kettlebell whereas men can start with 12 to 16 kg kettlebells if you are a beginner.

However, if you are familiar with weight training, move to heavier kettlebells. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the correct weights:

Untrained Beginners

  • Men who are beginners and are starting a kettlebell routines should start with a 16 kg kettlebell.
  • Smaller guys can start with a 12 kg kettlebell
  • Most inexperienced or untrained women can start with an 8 kg kettlebell

Average Fitness Level Beginners

  • Men with moderate strength and fitness levels (ideally those who can perform 40 pushups) can start with a 20kg kettle bell.
  • Women with average fitness levels who are used to training with barbells can start with a 12 kg kettlebell.

Excellent Fitness Level Beginners

  • Men with excellent fitness levels who have trained extensively with dumbbells and barbells can start with a 24 kg kettlebell.
  • Women with excellent fitness levels and experience can start with a 20 kg kettlebell.
  • Keep these important guidelines in mind when you are selecting the right kettlebell.


The handle is an important part of the kettlebell that you will frequently come into contact with. For a comfortable workout session, it is imperative the handle feels right in your hands. Examine these following factors when choosing a handle:

  • The right thickness and size
  • Optimal spacing between the bell and the handle, resulting in a comfortable grip
  • ​The right texture
  • ​The handle should not be too smooth or else it will slip out of your hands
  • The handle should not be too rough or else it might damage or tear your palms
Kettlebell Handle Zoomed in

Steel handles that offer a bit of roughness are ideally your best option. If the handles are too smooth and tend to slip, consider using sandpaper to roughen the handle. Powder coated and painted handles can be difficult to grip in the later stages of the workout session.

Reasons To Opt For Kettlebell Training

Wondering why you should skip conventional workout methods and opt for kettlebell training instead? Here are some great reasons why you should start kettlebell training:

Exercise Everywhere

That’s right, kettlebell training means you don’t have to worry about expensive gym memberships and leaving the comfort of your home. Simply invest in a pair and you are good to go for day.

Kettlebells are compact workout tools that can easily fit inside your bag. You can also take it to work and exercise during your free time. Not to mention, kettlebell training does not require much room so you can work out in your cozy apartment.


Kettlebells are fairly expensive workout tools that will last you a lifetime. For most newbies, one kettlebell made from solid metal will last several years. Additionally, kettlebell training does not require you to wear specialized footwear. In fact, most people prefer not wearing any shoes at all.

Rest assured, you wouldn’t drop the kettlebell on your foot. In addition, a small kettlebell can be treated as a large one with more advanced exercises. Therefore, you need only invest in one kettlebell if you are a beginner.

Man with Amazing Abs Working Out with Kettlebells

Great Abs

Kettlebell training tones muscles and burns fat at a faster rate. Additionally, most kettlebell workouts feature multijoint movements that links the bottom half of the body with the top half using your core muscles, resulting in great abs. Kettlebell exercises are also great for burning fat, allowing you to look leaner.

Improves Posture

Want to look your best even in your senior years? Perhaps kettlebell training is the right answer for you. Most kettlebell exercises improves posture and counteract the effects of modern day living and sitting. Postural muscles are often neglected while working out but kettlebell training will drastically improve results.

Comfortable To Use

Unlike dumbbells that might strain your arms and other workout techniques that have a high risk of injuries, kettlebell are comfortable to use and do not pull on your muscles too hard. In fact, the weight of the kettlebell will rest comfortably in your forearm, without feeling too heavy.

woman holding a kettlebell

Kettlebells You Should Avoid

Unfortunately, not all brands manufacture the best products. Some manufacturers have come up with weird kettlebell shapes and sizes hence beware of products that are not designed with proper safety in mind. Here are a few types of kettlebell you should avoid:

  • Thick Handles: If you are unable to comfortably hold the handle in your fingers and are constantly losing your grip then opt for a better option. Thick handles are difficult to grasp and are likely to slip off your fingers.
  • Plastic or Vinyl Covered: Avoid purchasing plastic or vinyl covered kettlebells. The handles are likely to get slippery and uncontrollable through perspiration.
  • Large Handle Spacing: Avoid buying kettlebells that have large handle spacing. If the handle spacing is too large, the equipment will lie uncomfortably on your forearm.
  • Small Handle Spacing: Small handle spacing can dig into your skin, making the kettlebell difficult to use for a variety of exercises.
  • Rounded Body: Avoid purchasing a kettlebell that is too round. An overly round kettlebell will dig into your chest and forearm with many exercises.
  • Sharp Edges: Kettlebells with poor finishing can have sharp corners or edges that might cut into your wrists, hands and forearms.
  • Foot on Bottom: Some manufactures have started introducing kettlebells with a small plastic or rubber foot in the bottom that allows the kettlebell to stay upright on the floor. While this might be great for storage, this feature can be painful for most exercises.

Keep these important factors in mind the next time you go shopping and avoid purchasing kettlebells with the above-mentioned features.

Safety Measures To Keep In Mind

Kettlebell workouts are highly effective and are sure to deliver fruitful results if performed properly. Kettlebell workouts not only burn calories but target multiple muscle groups. However, it is easy to get carried away when you are a beginner. Here are a couple of safety measures you should keep in mind:

Choose The Right Kettlebell

The number one rule to kettlebell safety is choosing the right equipment. If you are having trouble, consider going to your local fitness store and seek advice from the sales associate. Typically, most men opt for a heavier piece of equipment whereas women opt for a lighter option. Remember, you want to challenge yourself but not push yourself over the edge.

Young Woman Workout With Kettlebell

Ensure the kettlebell is just the right size for you with a handle that is wide enough. Investing in the wrong kettlebell can lead to a serious injury. You could also end up hurting somebody else in the process. Stay clear of poor quality workout equipment and investment in bell that is molded from one continuous piece of material. Stay clear from kettlebells that are made using two pieces: the handle and the ball.

Position Your Back Properly

While performing kettlebell workouts, keep your spine in a neutral position. Follow these simple guidelines for maintaining a neutral spine position:

  • Keep your feet shoulder width apart with your arms down the sides. Focus your gaze on a point 6 feet away from you on the floor, keeping your head and neck position neutral.
  • ​Bend your hips back as if you are about to sit on a chair, let your arms follow.
  • If you are following these directions, you should look like you are ready to take a vertical leap in the air.
  • Take a look in the mirror. Your back should not be rounded and you should have a nice S curve shape down your spine.

Breathe Properly

Breathing properly is essential no matter what kind of exercise you perform. First off, it is imperative that you minimize the amount of force exerted on your spine. In order to protect your spine, you need to use your breath to tighten your abdominal muscles.

This technique is called abdominal bracing. Practice breathing in and out to master this technique with your hands on your abdomen. This might feel different from what you are used to doing but you are likely to get a hang of it.

Proper Form And Technique

Using the right technique is essential to ensure safety. If you are not able to comprehend video tutorials, consider seeking the help of a personal trainer. A personal trainer will teach you how to use the equipment in a safe manner. This is highly important as some exercises can lead to severe injuries.

Everything You Need To Know About A Kettlebell Swing

In addition to maintaining proper form, ensure you are using the correct weights for your exercises. Using heavier weights can automatically compromise your form, leading to serious injuries. Consider your fitness level so you are able to make the right decision.

Learn At Your Own Pace

As a beginner, you might be tempted to challenge yourself after every few days. Keep up with this attitude but do not go overboard. Safety comes first so carefully select the weight of the kettlebell to reduce the risk of injuries.

Preparations For Kettlebell Training

Planning on heading to the gym or want to start kettlebell training at home? Here are a couple of pointers you need to keep in mind for kettlebell training:


Wear comfortable clothes before you start exercising. Ensure your clothes aren’t too baggy or loose-fitting or else the kettlebell will get caught up in your clothing when you are swinging or moving it around. However, your clothes shouldn’t be too tight either or else it will restrict movement and not allow you to move freely.


When it comes to kettlebell training, the closer you get your heels to the ground, the better. While exercising, it best to either go barefoot or wear flat shoes. Wearing shoes with raised heels will push weight to the front of the body, making it difficult for you to balance yourself.

Bunch of Shoes Good For Kettlebell Training

Wearing flat shoes will help activate the right muscles, resulting in a more effective workout session. Additionally, with the right shoes, you will be able to maintain balance which means you won’t have to worry about bouncing around with weights.

Rings And Watches

Leave your wedding band and wristwatch at home or pack it safely in your workout bag. Wearing rings will cause problems when holding a kettlebell, resulting in calluses and skin irritation. Your fingers are also likely to be marked and damaged, hence it is best to remove all kinds of jewelry before training. Additionally, remove your wristwatch since kettlebells often rests on the wrist.

Wrist Bands

Wearing wrist bands is optional and depends on your level of comfort. Some people like wearing sweat bands on their wrists for extra protection, especially when holding kettlebells in the racked position.

Workout Space

Unlike other forms of exercises, you won’t be moving around too much and will not require too much space. You will most likely require about 10 foot clear space to comfortably move around. Additionally, ensure the floor is solid in case you drop the kettlebell. Working out in your backyard is a great option so long as it is not raining.

Clock Or Timer

To keep yourself motivated and on track, use a timer while you are working out at the gym. For best results, opt for an interval timer. Wristwatches may be a distraction and might get damaged while you are exercising so don’t use a timer on your wrist.

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Our Top Picks

So, now that you have learnt everything you need to about selecting the best kettlebell, it is time you browse through our best picks. Here is a list of some of our best picks.

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell

The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell sets the bar high when it comes to maintaining kettlebell quality. These kettlebells are constructed using solid cast iron that is powder-coated and machined. This results in a seam-free surface that makes the kettlebell easy to grip. Additionally, the flat, wide base ensures the weight of the kettlebell rests firmly on the floor without rocking.

Some notable features of this product include:

  • Weighs 13 pounds and features gray handle
  • Constructed using powder-coated, machine-finished cast iron
  • ​Flat, wide base that retains balance
  • Features color coded handles for easy sorting
CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell On White Background
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Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set

The Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set have been manufactured whilst keeping quality standards in mind. Now you can conveniently sway away the pain with these superior kettlebells. These kettlebells are great for easing back pain and can also be used for building stability, power and strength. Additionally, the shiny vinyl coating prevents damage and results in a shinier appearance.

Some notable features of this product include:

  • Cast iron material encased in vinyl to protect your floor and reduce noise
  • Wide, textured handle for better grip
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Weight set includes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lbs. kettlebells
Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set On White Background
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SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebell

The SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebell has been designed whilst keeping high quality standards in mind. The vinyl coated handle bars protect the floors whereas as the handles are designed for maximum comfort. The kettlebells are perfect for either group or personal training depending on your needs. Not to mention, the sleek design is suitable for beginners and offers equal weight distribution.

Some notable features of this product include:

Some notable features of this product include:

  • Offers a brilliant combination of fun and functionality for efficient and exciting workouts
  • Builds and enhances muscular strength, endurance and power while burning calories
  • Encased in durable vinyl coating that prevents floor damage and offers durability
  • Features color coded handles for easy sorting
SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebell On White Background
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Rep Fitness Kettlebells For CrossFit

Rep Fitness Kettlebells for CrossFit are available at an affordable price. These kettlebells are made using the best materials without compromising on quality. Each kettlebell is inspected for quality before leaving for shipment to ensure the kettlebell has no rough handles.

Some notable features of this product include:

Some notable features of this product include:

  • Marked in both kilograms and pounds so you don’t have to worry about conversions. The kettlebells conform to both CrossFit and Russian standards.
  • Features color-coded rings at the base which makes the kettlebells easier to sort. All colors conform to international standards
  • Features a slightly textured, high quality handle that makes the handle easy to grip for most users.
  • Features a textured handle that prevents the handle from slipping from your hands
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Hopefully, this helpful guide has provided you all the information you need to invest in the best kettlebell. Good luck!

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