How To Get A Full Body Kettlebell Workout

How To Get A Full Body Kettlebell Workout

One of the best reasons to workout with kettlebells instead of dumbbells is that you don’t have a bunch of them in varying weights to get the maximum effect from them. All you need is a 35-pound kettlebell for men and a 15-pound kettlebell for women, and that will be enough to get a full body kettlebell workout.

The following routine has been modified so that even beginners can start feeling the effects of a great workout without hurting yourself.

The Beginner’s Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If you want to build muscle strength, burn fat, and have increased stability and mobility so that you can do more complicated exercises, later on, use this routine. To do so, you’ll want to do it as a circuit, which means you continue each exercise once without resting. Once you’ve finished the circuit, you can rest for one to two minutes, and then repeat. You will continue this circuit three times with this workout.

Woman Stretching Behing Kettlebell

Kettlebell Goblet Squat - 12 Reps

To do this exercise, hold the kettlebell by the ‘horns’ and push your shoulder blades together and downward. Tuck your elbows in so that your forearms are vertical. With your feet spread slightly further apart than hip width, position your feet so that they are turned out slightly. Take a deep breath and squat down with your torso upright. Hold the squat for a count of five and then slowly rise up to the original position.

Kettlebell Row With One Arm – 10 Reps For Each Arm

With the kettlebell on the floor, have your left foot behind the kettlebell and the right foot even with the bell. Dig the ball of your left foot into the floor as you bend at the waist until you’re at a 45-degree angle with the floor.

Woman Kettlebell Row With One Arm

Rest your right elbow on the right thigh for support and use your left hand to grab the kettlebell. Keep your shoulders square and lift the kettlebell while in the 45-degree position. Do this on both arms before moving on to the next exercise.

Kettlebell One Arm Press – 5 Reps For Each Arm

Stand up straight and hold the kettlebell with one arm at shoulder height. Keep your feet planted on the floor like you’re preparing to be tackled. Take a deep breath and then push the weight up over your head. Your chin should be out of the way, so the weight doesn’t hit it. When you’re lowering the kettlebell, bring it back to shoulder level.

Kettlebell Chest Loaded Swings – 15 Reps

For this, you will want to keep your feet somewhere between hip and shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebell by the horns and pull the bottom part of the bell into your chest. Bring your shoulder blades together and breathe deep while you bend over. Make sure your spine is straight and your tailbone is pointed upward. Rise back to the standing position and then repeat.

Man Exercise Kettlebell Chest Loaded Swing

Kettlebell Shoulder Halo – 10 Reps In Each Direction

Again, with your feet hip width apart, hold the kettlebell up by the horns. Plant your feet into the floor and start moving the kettlebell around your head like a halo. You want to go slow so that you don’t hit yourself in the head, but also so that you aren’t twisting your feet or torso while moving.

After each rotation, go the opposite direction. You’re going to want to make sure you are doing full circles and you alternate the direction for each rep.

Kettlebell Hip Halo – 10 Reps In Each Direction

Much like the shoulder halo, you are going to move around your body, alternating the directions for each rep. However, with this exercise, you are going to hold the kettlebell by the handle and keep it at hip level. You will pass the kettlebell from one hand to the other to make a complete circle around your core.

Ketllebell Hip Halo Illustration

Kettlebell Leg Pass – 10 Reps In Each Direction

Like the previous two, you are going to move the kettlebell around your body. This time, you will want to bend slightly at the waist and have your knees shoulder width apart. Move the bell around one knee at a time. Keep your head up so that your spine stays nice and straight.

By doing these exercises, you’ll get a great full body kettlebell workout in a very short amount of time! Let us know what are some of your favorite kettlebell exercises!

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