Kettle Gryp: An Individual Review

Kettle Gryp: An Individual Review

Kettlebell training is practical and is accessible to all fitness levels. Whether you’re a sedentary person who is exercising for the first time or an athlete looking for a challenge; everyone can benefit from using them.

But, you’ll need a kettlebell accessory to allow you to complete your workout if all of the kettlebells are gone or in use by someone else. The Kettle Gryp offers users enhanced mobility, and it should be considered if you’re trying to make the most out of your workout.

About The Product

  • Holds up to 50 lbs of Dumbbells
  • Durable Plastic Covering
  • Unique Kettlebell Exercise
  • Easily Stored in Gym Bag
  • Compact Size

The Kettle Gryp is an innovative system that allows you to turn dumbbells - which can be found in almost any private or public gym around the world. Because of this, you can travel freely and always have an impromptu kettlebell at hand. You can find this on Amazon at a price about $37.


Kettle Gryp’s versatility is the main reason why athletes like this device. Users found it easy to swap out different dumbbells when they completed their workout. Simply unlock the device, remove the previous dumbbell, and place the new one inside the Kettle Gryp and lock it in place.

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To use the Kettle Gryp, flip open and secure the latch. Then, you wrap the Kettle Gryp around the dumbbell handle. Lock it securely closed and start swinging the kettlebell. Since it’s one small device, you can travel with it and toss in your bag.

You can use the device just like a kettlebell, but you have to have a wider base when using it. This is because the weight distribution is different than traditional kettlebells. Keep your feet further apart and continue to swing the Kettle Gryp like you normally would.

Consumers also like that they can still do regular kettlebell exercises with the device. For instance, you can still do low rows, upright rows, and squats. When doing cleans, make sure you go up slowly to prevent your arm from getting hit by the dumbbell.

We also like the device because of its lightweight size and support. On average, it holds dumbbells up from 5 to 50 lbs. This is a great feature since most dumbbells come in that size and you can quickly make a kettlebell out of them and start exercising.

Additionally, buying traditional kettlebells can be expensive. With the Kettle Gryp, you save yourself hundreds of dollars by being able to utilize the equipment on free weights. This product is a great choice if you’re a beginner athlete who needs a cost-effective way to workout.


And, its durable plastic cover protects the equipment from becoming damaged. For instance, the covering is resistant to shocks, falls, and water damage. Buy this product if you need a travel tool that has a lifespan of up to 3 years.

Salesmen, truck drivers, regular travelers, and pilots will appreciate that they don’t have to use limited gym equipment options when they’re traveling. Since it’ so compact and lightweight, you can take it with you and use it when the free weights aren’t occupied.


However, consumers wished the device had a set of arm guards for increased comfort. When lifting 20lb dumbbells, they reported that their forearms were negatively impacted by the movements. Use arm and wrist guards to protect yourself from this issue.

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While it is a great tool for travel athletes, the dumbbells tend to stick out from the sides. This gives it an awkward position and makes it harder for the user to complete traditional kettlebell exercises. As we stated earlier, start with a wider base to protect yourself from injury.


Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, own a home gym, or a personal trainer with minimal space, the Kettle Gryp gives you a complete workout with a flexible weight range. It's a great choice for beginner athletes who need extra equipment to maximize their exercise results.

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