Kettlebell Back Pain What Causes it and How to Prevent It

Kettlebell Back Pain: What Causes it and How to Prevent It

Lower back pain is one of those things that seems unavoidable in life no matter how hard we try. Whether we get it from working out too hard or without the correct form, or just from the stresses and strains of the workday, it’s a problem area that plagues millions of Americans each year.

Not surprisingly, kettlebell lower back pain is a common complaint from those that are new to this type of fitness equipment. Some people find that just one particular movement can cause it or their general workout, but when you’re doing everything right it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re going to show you some common issues that lead to kettlebell back pain so you can avoid them in the future. We’ll also look at how to prevent any pain from occurring with some simple techniques and warms up so that every workout you do with your kettlebell is free from pain but has just enough of a challenge to improve your fitness.

What Causes Kettlebell Back Pain?

Working out can sometimes be uncomfortable as we push our bodies to their limits, but it should never be painful. Working out with a kettlebell does have the potential to cause pain in your back though, but if you’re doing the exercises the right way and warming up your body first this should never be the case.

Lower back pain can come from many causes including degenerative joint disease, a pinched nerve, or standard strained muscles. According to Livestrong, most back pain will end up resolving itself within a few weeks to a few months, but if you’re continuing to work out with the incorrect form or do exercises that aren’t right for you, you’ll only prolong this further.

When it comes to a kettlebell workout specifically, lower back pain is due to poor technique and form and can even lead to serious things like a kettlebell herniated disc. As these types of weights are quite different from standard weightlifting gear, it’s common for people to rush into it without using them properly and develop back pain of some description.

With improper form, you’ll find that your back starts to round and you don’t have a straight spine anymore. As your back rounds, your lower back will hyperextend and you won’t have an equal distribution of weight. This will directly impact your lower back because it will be doing all of the heavy liftings, and the negative results will be experienced almost instantly.

How to Know What Kettlebell Weight to Start With

How to Prevent Pain When Doing Kettlebell Exercises

To get the most out of your kettlebell and to ensure you keep back pain at a minimum, there are some things you can do to help. Keep these in mind before every workout, whether you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned professional with the kettlebell.

  • Take the time to learn the correct form when using a kettlebell by watching tutorials, speaking to professionals, and watching yourself in the mirror. This will ensure that no matter the weight range of exercises you’re performing, you’ll always be doing them right.
  • Always start any workout gradually, especially if you’re new to kettlebells, and don’t force your body to adapt to such a strenuous workout.
  • Make sure you’ve warmed up before every workout and warm down when you’re finished, giving your body a chance to recover.
  • Because of the unique way our body moves with a kettlebell, you need to ensure you always have your tailbone back and not to round your spin. Never bend from your waist, only ever your knees, and always remember to keep your spine neutral by following an imaginary line from your head down to your hips.

Kettlebell Back Pain

The Best Way to Warm Up Your Back

In any type of workout, warming up is an essential first step to doing things the right way. Even if you’re doing all of the exercises correctly and have mastered the technique, without proper stretching and warming up beforehand you’ll only end up doing serious damage.

Warming up your entire body is crucial when working out with kettlebells because they target every muscle group, but your back is the most important. Follow these steps to give it a thorough warmup before you work out and don’t forget to slow down and stretch when you’re down so that you can warm down in the same manner.

  1. Stand with legs together and reach your arms overhead.
  2. Fold your body forward and push your hips back as you make your way down to the floor to touch your toes (or as close to the ground as possible).
  3. Slowly return to the top the same way you came down, and then repeat this move 15 times.

By incorporating this into your regular stretches and warm up method, you’ll ensure that your back is loose and ready for action. When you’re done, you can repeat it again to stretch it out, as well as giving yourself time to recover fully.

Kettlebell Back Pain

Putting Thought into Your Form

Lower back pain is something that can’t be avoided in life, but with a little knowledge and some preventative measures, we can make it a lot less of an issue. Many people suffer from lower back pain due to exercise and the kettlebell swing back pain can be a problem for most until they learn the importance of the right form and warming up their bodies beforehand.

A kettlebell can give you an all over workout consisting of both cardio and strength, but you’re only going to make if harder for yourself if you don’t do it the right way. Start paying attention to your back and warming up your body to see better results and pain that only comes from pushing your body to its absolute limit.



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