Kettlebell Kickboxing: Kick Your Training Up a Notch

Kettlebell Kickboxing: Kick Your Training Up a Notch

Kettlebell Kickboxing is a high-intensity, full body workout originally developed by fitness professional and martial artist Dasha Anderson.

As an experienced martial artist and personal trainer, Dasha wanted to bring the two fields together to create the ultimate workout. It started in a small gym, and now there studios and instructors in most major cities.

The great news is that If you don't have access to one of the official gyms, it's really simple to do on your own. Dasha has tons of free workout videos on her YouTube channel to get you started.

After you get the basics down, you can do these workouts anywhere. All you need is some workout clothes and a few kettlebells.

Kettlebell kickboxing workouts are very diverse and incorporate aspects of martial arts core and flexibility training with the powerful strengthening moves of traditional kettlebell workouts.

You can expect to do short, intense sessions with lots of kicking, burpees, core strength training, and of course plenty of kettlebell swings.

High-Intensity Interval Training

One of the reasons why kettlebell kickboxing has had so much success lies in the principle of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

This type of training focuses primarily on short bursts of explosive and dynamic exercises which are immediately followed by a brief recovery period of stretching or low-intensity exercises.

HIIT Dumbbells

Studies show that just 20 minutes of HIIT training has the same metabolic effect as a 45 minute light jog. That means you can get twice the burn in half the time! The intense intervals rev up your metabolism, burning fat for hours after the workout is completed, and the dynamic exercises encourage the development of fast-twitch muscle fibers which is essentially your fast-responding lean muscle (not that bulky bodybuilder mass).

HIIT focused workouts are also great for your heart, as they increase the volume of oxygen pumping through your bloodstream.

Kettlebell kickboxing workouts can be completed in less than 15 minutes, but are guaranteed to leave even the experienced gym-rat at a loss for breath.

Example Workout Routines

Each kettlebell kickboxing workout should incorporate a balance of kettlebell exercises, kickboxing punches and kicks, and core strength and flexibility.

Another important thing to consider when working with kettlebells is the weight you're working with.

Don't ever use something that is too heavy, because then you risk injury, but on the other hand, don't use something that is too light. You never want to breeze through a workout. Make sure that you're using a weight that challenges you without over-straining your muscles.

Proper Form

Before we dive into workout routines, we need to cover the importance of proper form. Many of the kettlebell kickboxing exercises can be advanced movements for beginners. Therefore before you jump in and injure yourself, you need to build up supporting strength and develop good form in all your movements.

Some basics to remember are:

  • Stretch before and after each workout. The most common cause of injury is forgetting to stretch. When your muscles are cold, and you force them into intense motion, you risk tearing and straining.
  • When planking or in push-up position, always make sure your back is straight. If you lack the strength for normal push-up position, then try a modified push up on your knees.
  • ​When doing jumping exercises, always push from your glutes and land with your knees bent. Landing with extended legs is horrible for your knees and can quickly lead to injury.
  • When swinging kettlebells, keep your back straight and your head up. Many people curve their back while swinging the kettlebell. This strains your back, neck, and shoulders, and can lead to severe injury.

​Routine #1: ten-minute ultimate challenge

  • ​Burpees max reps - 1 minute
  • ​Rest - 30 seconds
  • ​Shadow Boxing - 1 minute
  • Stretch - 30 seconds
  • Jiu Jitsu Sit-Ups - 1 minute
  • Rest - 30 seconds
  • Kettlebell Core Stabilizer - 1 minute
  • Stretch - 30 seconds
  • Kettlebell Knee Jab - 1 minute
  • Rest - 30 seconds
  • High Front Kicks - 1 minute
  • Rest - 30 seconds
  • Bob and Weave (while holding kettlebell) - 1 minute

​Routine #2: five-minute morning crusher

  • ​Kettlebell Swings - 1 minute
  • ​Burpees - 1 minute
  • ​Rest - 30 seconds
  • Kettlebell Core Stabilizer - 1 minute
  • Shadow Boxing -1 minute
  • Rest - 30 seconds

​Who Can Benefit From Kettlebell Kickboxing?

Fitness is for everybody, but unfortunately, people tend to see it as more of a chore than fun.  Kettlebell Kickboxing is traditionally geared towards women, but in reality, these workouts can give great results to anybody.

The principle of this workout program is balance of strength, flexibility, speed, and fat burning, all packaged up in workout that's quick and fun.

No matter what your current fitness level is, there’s a way for you to incorporate Kettlebell Kickboxing into your daily schedule.

The Busy Professional

Are you constantly complaining about not having enough time to workout? Well the quick HIIT based workouts will leave you sweating and give you lasting results in half the time it takes to complete a traditional jog.

The Seasoned Athlete

Any athlete will tell you that the key to staying on top of their game is daily exercise. Kettlebell Kickboxing strives to develop and maintain a strong, balanced body. There’s not a single sport that can’t benefit from those principles.

The Seasoned

The Traveler

As anybody who travels knows, finding the time and place to workout is often a hard task. The great thing about kettlebell kickboxing is that you can do it from your hotel room. If you can’t fit a kettlebell in your suitcase, try using a jug of water

The Elderly

As falls and injury become increasingly more common, the middle-aged and elderly can benefit from the motions and principles of this routine as it promotes coordination, balance, strength, respiratory and cardiovascular health all into one workout.

Results-Oriented Training

You can't argue with kettlebell kickboxing results. If you combine a healthy, lean diet with the everyday workouts detailed in the program, you are guaranteed to have success. If you check out the website, you can read the scores of testimonials from everyday people who've lost anywhere from 5 - 100 pounds by following this program.

How Can You Become A Certified Kettlebell Kickboxing Trainer?

Maybe you're reading this as a fitness instructor or as somebody whose life has been transformed by Kettlebell Kickboxing, and you're wondering how to become a certified trainer and share the same results with others.

Kettlebell Kickboxing Certification

To start a class or open a gym you need to have a method that creates visible results for your patrons and has a positive effect on your business.

Besides knowing how to market and generate revenue, you need to know how to educate and guide all of your students by giving them the best information combined with focused training.

The first step is to obtain your fitness training credentials, once you have that KBIA will further train you in kettlebell topics such as:

  • ​The science of kettlebell ballistics
  • ​Kettlebell grinds
  • ​Russian kettlebell mobility principles
  • Kettlebell biomechanics
  • Kettlebell complexes and progressions
  • Kickboxing fundamentals
  • Martial arts flow training

​​​​​​​The KBIA Kettlebell Boxing Training Certification is even accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), The American Council of Exercise (ACE), The Athletic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and the Canadian Fitness Association (CanFit).

The KBIA has a fitness training community of over 15,000 individuals and 128 trainers world-wide.


If you're looking a great workout plan to incorporate into your daily life, then Kettlebell Kickboxing is perfect for you.

Whether you're a busy professional, a seasoned athlete or you have grandkids; you will find this results-oriented program to be fun, flexible, and most importantly easy to follow. What more motivation do you need? Go on out there pick up a kettlebell and get moving!

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