The Best Kettlebell Workout To Lose Weight And Enhance Stamina

The Best Kettlebell Workout To Lose Weight And Enhance Stamina

There are plenty of amazing reasons why kettlebell workouts have become so utterly popular. The best kettlebell workout can effectively help you burn your fat, excess calories and provide you the overall stamina to maintain your body’s shape and strength. Kettlebells are just like dumbbells.

However, they vary in shape. While there is no question everybody knows how the average dumbbell is shaped, a kettlebell is shaped like a cannonball with a metal, u-shaped handle over it for gripping versatility and flexibility.

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There is no question that you should add a kettlebell routine to your regiment for a stronger, leaner and tighter body. The best thing about kettlebell workouts is the fact that you can get a leaner body faster than if you choose to work out using dumbbells. If you go to the gym, you may have seen these cannon-ball shaped weights.

However, you may ignore using them because to be honest, not everybody knows how to exercise using them. Fortunately for you, this article will outline some amazing benefits of using the best kettlebell workout for weight loss and some effective exercises you can perform at home.

Top Reasons To Switch To Kettlebell Workouts For A Leaner Body

Kettlebells Can Help Achieve Your Dream Of Having A Celebrity Body

Alright, sure, you are worrying about using these weights and turn into those massive Russian bodybuilders, right? It makes sense. Kettlebells first become popular in the Soviet Union. However, your reason for not using them is wrong. Some of the most famous celebrities use kettlebells to stay lean and fit.

They use it to perform flexible exercises that target multiple muscle groups, such as the glutes, hips, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps, etc.

The Weight Will Help You Become Stronger To Perform Day To Day Activities

Kettlebell routines are hailed as one of the most functional ways to perform weight-training exercises. This means they will help strengthen your muscles, muscles that use to perform daily tasks, such as lifting a gallon of water, lifting heavy groceries, carrying a heavy bag, etc. Think of the kettlebell as a heavy bag, a bag that you can lift and swing. Get some kettlebell workout DVDs to get a full understanding of how you can swing them.

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Dynamic Muscle Movement Can Help Fire Up Your Muscles

When talking about the best kettlebell workout to burn fat, it is important to mention the fact that many people who opt for the workout do not follow the right exercises. When it comes to kettlebell exercises, you must hire a fitness trainer who can guide you.

Just have a couple of sessions with him and you will soon understand how to full maximize the potential of kettlebells and enhance your muscle strength and mass and loss weight along the way.

Sure, you can raise the kettlebells right in front of your chest and do some squats, but you will miss out on the more explosive techniques and 3-dimensional muscle movements that can help burn fat and gain muscle. Another major difference between a kettlebell workout and a dumbbell workout is that with dumbbells you can easily cheat using momentum.

Kettlebell workouts are all about controlling movement and creating adequate momentum.

Burning More Fat In The Shortest Possible Time

Watching the top kettlebell workout DVDs, you can learn great techniques to tighten your overall muscles and become leaner. Apart from gaining muscle, another cutting-edge advantage of using kettlebells is that the dynamic and highly versatile movement and momentum control can help you burn a serious amount of calories.

You can equate a kettlebell muscle training regimen to sprinting a 7-minute mile. This analysis was made by the University of Wisconsin. They analyzed and studied the total output of energy involved in a kettlebell workout regimen.

Enhanced Posture

Your core is engaged in using many muscles in conjunction. This also means your core needs to maintain a 360-degree angle in order to successfully stabilize every individual movement. This is why it is so important to maintain a good form for kettlebell exercises, so when you begin to feel a bit exhausted, try to sit down and take a breather for less than a minute.

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However, it is essential to keep your back and abdominals as straight as possible during the workout. Pretend you have a corset on while working out. This will gradually help you maintain a better posture at work and in everyday life.

Top Exercises For Leaner Muscles And A Slimmer Waist Line

Squatting With Kettlebell

This is one of the best kettlebell workouts for beginners. This exercise will target your glutes, your hip muscles and your lower back. The thing that makes this such a good exercise is the fact you will need to maintain your balance while holding the kettlebells, adding more resistance to your workout. Here is how you can perform the squat:

  • Stand straight with both spread wide. However, don’t stretch too much, the spread should be shoulder width. Hold a kettlebell directly in front of your chest. The palms of both hands must be facing towards you.
  • Don’t slouch your chest, keep it lifted and gently squat. Ensure that as you go down, your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Hold this position for one or two seconds and gently come back up. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each.


This is also one of the best kettlebell workouts. The exercise targets your shoulders, forearms, collar, lats and your core. To start, grip a kettlebell by the handle, and ensure it is upside down. You have to grip one kettlebell using both arms and lift the kettlebell overhead.

Woman Doing a Kettlebell Halo Exercise

Keep your core tight, your shoulders down and your chest out and then gently move your torso towards the left, forming a circular motion. Just make sure the kettlebell you are holding makes consistent halo shapes as you rotate on your left side. Rotate the torso for 15 seconds and the switch to the side.

Bottom Line

Before starting out, it is strongly advised you get the best kettlebell workout DVDs for weight loss. Overall, it is clear that kettlebell training is more effective and offers the greatest form of resistance training.

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