Buying A Used Kettlebell

Buying A Used Kettlebell

Having your own workout gear can be a real blessing as it gives you total control of what you’re working out each day. With a few key supplies like a kettlebell, skipping rope, and hand weights, you’re capable of working on your entire body and making many different workout routines.

Sometimes, people consider buying gym gear from others, like a used kettlebell, but it’s not always a good idea. We’re going to weigh up the pros and cons of buying a used kettlebell and performing your usual exercises with them to see whether it’s worth it.

The Pros

Most people think as long as they can do their kettlebell workouts, they’re happy. For those people, these are the pros that are probably making it seem like a good idea to go with used gear.

It’s Cheap

Cheap Kettle Bell

Buying anything second hand is usually going to be cheaper than getting it brand new. If you’re committed to looking for something quality that’s being sold you can usually get yourself a better deal. Second-hand gym gear is usually pretty common also, so it’s not hard to find one to try out.

You Can Test Them Out

People who are thinking of adding a kettlebell into their workout routine but aren’t ready to commit just yet might find a used one helpful. You’ll get a feel for them and see whether or not you like it before you jump in and commit to buying a brand new one that’s better quality.

The Cons

Kettlebell exercises might feel weird to some people if they know they’re using somebody else’s old gear. If you’re feeling iffy about used kettlebells, here are some points you’ve probably already considered

They’re Used

Used Kettle Bell

In every sense of the word, the kettlebell has been used. Someone has sweated on it, got dirt on it, dropped it, been rough with it, and potentially even damaged it. There’s no real way to know what you’re getting for your money.

No Guarantee

Most quality brands offer a guarantee or warranty on their products and this won’t be possible when you purchase a second-hand kettlebell off someone else. After just a few tries, it could end up showing signs of damage or not work properly, and you’ll have no way to get a refund.

The Verdict

These days, the cost of a quality kettlebell is considerably lower so there’s really no reason you’d have to go with a used one. To do the best kettlebell exercises and properly execute your kettlebell lifts and pulls, investing in your very own one that’s been purchased brand new is the way to go. Wit your own, you know where it was made, where it’s been and will be guaranteed many years of use out of it for yourself.


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