Kettlebell Exercises Will Help You Excel At These 3 Sports

Kettlebell Exercises Will Help You Excel At These 3 Sports

Training with kettlebell’s isn’t something that only professional athletes participate in. It’s accessible and practical for everyone and you can even do it in the comfort of your own.

What’s truly great about kettlebell training is that, while yes, athletes can benefit from the workout to get that edge, but it those who live a relatively sedentary life and begin to get into shape as well. Everyone can benefit from it, especially if you want to excel at these sports:

1. MMA/Boxing

MMA fighters can use kettlebells to improve your rotational power and make the things you hit really feel the power. Kettlebells have been a piece of exercise equipment that fighters love because they can work on both their strength and their endurance.

Some exercises you could do are:

High Pulls

This exercise is going to mimic the movements of the 1-Arm swing where you have a strong back swing and you move the kettlebell up as your elbow travels backward.

The final position for this move is when you have the kettlebell parallel with the ground and your elbow is up high.

To get out of this position, push the kettlebell out as you lower your arm and make a smooth transition into a backswing.

Doing high pull with kettlebell

​Figure 8

This exercise will grant you the opportunity to recruit power from your feet, up your body, and transfer it to your target. The Figure 8 will help you get that power and shift your weight so you can connect with maximum force.

To do this, swing the kettlebell from side to side like you’re drawing a horizontal figure 8. Pivot on the balls of your feet while your weight shifts and remember to breathe out as you cross in front of your body.

2. Football

A football player can use kettlebells to help build strength, flexibility, and power. Many players look down on this piece of exercise gear because some have turned it into a way of life. It’s a tool and you still need to do other exercises too!

However, with that said, you can benefit greatly by incorporating a kettlebell workout because it’ll give you greater flexibility in the speed of your muscles.

Some exercises you could do are:

Bent Press

This exercise is going to build the strength in your abs and hips. The bent press with a kettlebell will give you the same benefits as lifting with a barbell, without the hernias and strain.

To do this, you are going to do a full side bend. When you are still bent, you are going to push the kettlebell up and away from your shoulder. While the bell is above your head, stand up.

Guy using kettlebell while exercising

​Overhead Throw

The overhead throw is great for movement. It’ll teach you how to transfer power from your legs up through the hips and into your upper body.

These are really easy to do because all you have to do is swing the kettlebell upward and release it at the top of the swing, projecting the kettlebell behind you, hence why it is called an overhead throw.

3. Basketball

Basketball is all about controlling the ball and using your body to move it. The best way to warm up before an intense game of basketball is to use kettlebells.

The exercises that you use with the kettlebells closely mimics the movements you do while on the court, but they also are almost identical to how you handle the ball itself.

Some exercises you could do are:

Turn Around

You’ve seen these move on the basketball court when a player is trying to keep the ball away from an opponent.

With the turn around, you are going to pass the kettlebell from one hand to the other in a circle around your waist. This will help you do the pass, but it’ll also strengthen your core and your arms.

Cossack Squat

With this move, you’re going to be able to have the quickness you’ll need to get the ball from one side of the court to the other when the seconds are counting down.

Doing squat with kettlebell

To do this move, you are going to want to start off with a wide stance and hold a kettlebell close to your chest. Keep the leg you are going to squat over straight, so the hip, knee, and foot are aligned (be sure to keep your foot flat on the floor).

Then you are going to the toe of your other foot upward with your heel down. Rotate at the hip so your knee is pointing upward. Then, sit down into your hips while you back is flat. Push up to standing through the planted foot.


This is just a very small glimpse at what kind of exercises you could do to improve your training. It just goes to prove that kettlebells can help you, no matter your skill level or what you are training for!

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