How to Know What Kettlebell Weight to Start With

How to Know What Kettlebell Weight to Start With

The kettlebell is one of the most commonly used pieces of workout gear, but if you’re completely new to this type of workout there’s one problem you’ll usually face. As kettlebells come in all different sizes, not many people know how to choose one that corresponds with their fitness level and weight when they’re starting out, and it can make the search for one a lot harder.

Kettlebell weights have a huge impact on how they’re used and each person will require a specific weight to ensure their workout is effective. There are some easy ways to figure out what size kettlebell is best for you, with the main approach looking at your body weight but also your physical fitness condition.

A kettlebell is unique to other types of weights and because of their special shape, they’re usually better at achieving an all body workout compared to the rest. With just one piece of gear, you can get a complete workout inclusive of both cardio and strength training, and all that’s required is knowing what size kettlebell can make it happen.

What is the Right Kettlebell Weight to Start With?

Beginners to this piece of equipment first wonder what size kettlebell should I get, and with so many different weights to be found it’s a totally reasonable query. The first thing you need to consider is your physical fitness because someone that has been weight training for years will obviously have more strength that someone who has never exercised in their lives.

Physical fitness is important to consider, but it shouldn’t be your main focus. The reason for this is that working out with a kettlebell regularly can quickly whip you into shape and before you know it you’ll be looking to move up a size. Therefore, choosing one that’s general for those of beginner to mid-level fitness is the best approach.

Kettlebells are usually weighed in kilograms and the smallest size starts at 4kg. From there, they go up in increments of 4kgs and sometimes more. For a beginner, general fitness kettlebells range anywhere from 4kgs to 24kgs, but 4kg is likely not going to be enough to give the weight lifting effect that you need.

The average beginner user would therefore be comfortable enough using one between 8kgs and 16kgs. This number would give them a challenge but not make the exercises impossible, which is exactly where you want to be when you begin your kettlebell journey.

Anyone who’s worked out with weights before or feels that they’re physically fit, you could select one from the 16kg – 24kg range to give yourself more of a challenge. You should be able to perform the moves with difficulty but not so much that you can’t execute them, so if you think you’re physically capable then move into this weight range instead.

How to Know What Kettlebell Weight to Start With

Choosing the Right Kettlebell Sizes For Your Weight

Another thing to consider when shopping for kettlebells is your body weight. Although not as important as fitness level, you should still choose a kettlebell that’s going to be suitable for your specific size. The way that the body moves during most kettlebell exercises means you require a lot of balance, so you don’t want to be weighed down in one area.

Those who are naturally light will want to avoid kettlebells in the 24kg+ range because of the physics behind the movements, and those that find themselves on the heavier end of the scale will probably be more comfortable with something a little higher than the average weight.If you’re still unsure what size based on your own weight, it’s better to shop for your fitness level instead.

How to Know What Kettlebell Weight to Start With

Things to Consider With Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebells have come a long way since their first invention and you can customize them a lot more than ever before. Some kettlebells are adjustable in their weight and let you move the size up and down by 2kg increments so you can give yourself more of a challenge over time, but not everyone will be comfortable using this style.

An adjustable kettlebell is good for those who like to mix their workout up and aren’t sure what size they’ll need. However, for a consistent workout that’s less hassle, a fixed weight is best. You’ll also want to consider whether you want one for either side or a larger kettlebell for a full body workout, and factor this into the weight.

Another thing to note is the handle of the kettlebell and how wide it is. You want to make sure that you can comfortably grip the handle with both hands if needed because anything too narrow will make it a lot harder to manage. Some have different handle sizes depending on their weight, so always check the measurements before you commit.

Finally, you can expect to spend quite a few hours of training getting used to a kettlebell and eventually, you’ll find them a lot easier to handle. It’s not recommended to star with one that’s incredibly light as you’ll only be upgrading it soon, and for the cost of these important pieces of workout gear it could end up getting expensive.

How to Know What Kettlebell Weight to Start With

The Most Effective Way to Work Out

A kettlebell is known as a complete and thorough way to work out from head to toe with just one piece of equipment. However, without choosing the right weight for your size and also considering your own physical fitness levels, you’ll end up doing yourself a disservice when using a kettlebell.

With the right kettlebell, you can perform strength and cardio training that’s more effective than most workouts and give yourself a challenge by exercising more muscle groups than ever before. There are so many options out there for kettlebells that a little bit of research goes a long way in ensuring you get the most out of yours in future workouts.



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